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House Rules

Your behavior

You can do a lot of things with your team in Hattrick, but to keep the game fun for everyone we need to have a uniform set of rules governing each manager's behavior. These rules are simple and pretty obvious, and apply to all areas of Hattrick. Hattrick should be fun and safe to play by everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, origin, race, or religion. In short, you are expected to be polite to each other, treat others with respect, and take into consideration that children are welcome to Hattrick.

Anyone breaking these rules may be immediately banned from Hattrick. Be aware that the GMs have absolute power to decide if someone has broken the rules.

Users are prohibited from engaging in any of the activities below:

  • Threatening, insulting, or disparaging other players by HT-mail message, postings on HT public forums, guestbook entries, or by any other means. Spamming users or forums, i.e. sending unsolicited messages like advertisements, friendly game offers, and requests for Supporter. Profanity and abusive behavior toward other managers will not be tolerated.
  • Attempting to steal or sabotage Hattrick Europe Ltd property, or encouraging others to do so. This property includes, but is not limited to, the servers, software, and any copyright protected material.
  • Scanning the site, or creating, using, or distributing applications that automate parts of the game, unless these applications are authorized by the game developers. Also, you may not include parts of the site at other sites or in other applications without the express written consent of the Hattrick development team.
  • Cheating, or attempting to cheat in any way. Examples can be trying to hack other players' passwords, rig elections, or any other action that willfully spoils the enjoyment of Hattrick for other players.
  • Any attempt to access or post information that is not overtly displayed on the Hattrick site. You may only access information and navigate the site by using a browser or a CHPP-approved application.
  • Making cheating accusations, advertising for real life goods (this includes referral links), promotion of criminal activities and/or drugs, publishing correspondence with HT officials, sharing specifics about GM or Mod decisions and discussing individual decisions.

Last but not least, you can only have one user account. Once again, you are forbidden from controlling more than one account. If you have multiple accounts, you risk suspension or a total ban from Hattrick. It doesn't matter if a friend registered the account: if you are the one controlling it (i.e. giving the orders) you're considered to be the owner. Your account is private, which means you cannot, for any reason, let friends or family log in to use your account, or give it away to another person. It's also against the rules to buy players from friends at obviously inflated prices, even if you're just trying to be a nice guy! If you receive a clearly inflated bid on one of your players, please contact the GMs immediately. To contact a GM, please visit our contact page.

The HT officials (GM, Mod, CHPP) have discretionary authority to resolve all situations not explicitly described in the rules. Additionally, all conversations with the Hattrick officials are strictly personal and may not be published or shared in any way.