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Interview with 13Giacomo13, the Masters finalist and manager of team A.S.Kursaal...

First of all, thanks for being a guest of our press corner.
Thanks to you, it’s my pleasure.

Can we learn more about you?
Sure, I’m a 23 years old Italian student, I’m taking university in Milan and this is my last year. I wish I can graduate as soon as possible. My favorite hobbies are going out with friends, traveling all around the world, playing football, HT and so on... I probably forgot some.. :)

Is A.S. Kursaal your first team?
Yes it is.

How long have you been playing Hattrick?
I have been playing HT for almost 4 years. I received the squad on 24th of February, 2008.

What is the important reasons for choosing Hattrick according to you? Why Hattrick but not another game?
To be honest I have never tried many browser games. Actually, HT is the only the second one in my life. First one was Ogame. It was nice but the time you spend on it was too important in order to gain good results, that’s why I feel better with HT. You can be pretty competitive not logging as much as browser game like Ogame.

There are 10 leagues in Italy. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage? What do you think?
Well, if you want to win trophies this is a big disadvantage. In Italy, you can find most of the best teams in the world. On the other end, I do love competition. I feel good here.

This season was your 2nd season in the Hattrick Masters. In your first season, you just managed to pass two rounds but this season you reached the final. How did this improvement happen?
Luck, just it. I mean, there wasn’t a big change in my squad. In HT, luck is really important (I would say too much especially with the new salary and training changes) and in HM, it is even more important than usual. Random draws, it really doesn’t make sense.

How much money did you lose this season?
Even if I don’t care how much money I earn or lose every season, I would say that I had no surplus this season and with the wage discount (this change was really really bad for me, it increased random a lot) it’s almost impossible not to earn money even in Serie A.

What is needed to be successful in Hattrick according to you?
The most important skill you need is, patience. Even more important than trading, tactics, plans, etc... Disappointing results mustn't hurt you if you want to win something one day.

How is the atmosphere of Masters? Is it different than league and cup matches?
Well sure, that’s the most important competition all around HT. I would love to play it again one day even if it won’t be easy at all.

We know that it is really a bad feeling to lose in a final also it may make a person more disappointed when you were the favored side according to your ratings. What would you like to say about the final match?

After the most important loss...

...since Kursaal is playing HT all I can say is:

"I love Hattrick"..:)

There's no irony in my words, I really like this game..:)
It doesn't matter if I lost, it's part of the game.
This is my last press, that’s how much I like ht.

According to a resource, you still got plenty of money. Do you aim to have a cup or league championship to be able to join Masters?
Yes sure but as I said above, it’ll be really hard. Competition in Italy is getting better and better and even if I had the best team, there would be a big chance for me not to win any trophy. This season, for example, I reached the 6th place in my league having one of the best team in the world. I don’t have to add anything else,you can easily understand my point of view.

What do we need to consider to have a strong economy? For example, what did you do to reach such economy?
Two points: First, trade as much as you can. Second, don’t throw out money. There are plenty of traders who are very good at earning money while they are not good at spending money.

What is the most profitable training according to you? Why?
Anyone can be good. My favorite one is set pieces. I like it because in the end, all your A team players improve their SP skill and by training GKs you can raise their SP skill very very fast. I use to earn a lot with GKs after a 10 seasons trading with them.

You are competing in a high level atmosphere( Italian Cup, Serie A and Masters). You need high level players for such competition. Is it hard to find such players?
Yes, it’s pretty hard especially if you are not going to throw out money. I would say it takes approximately 2 seasons if you want to build a great team.

Have you ever thought about developing a player from your youth team?
Honestly now, I couldn’t be competitive with such a young player.

For several seasons, I followed the teams that won Masters and the teams that lost in the final. I generally see that players with maximum main skill and weak secondary skill is more preferable. I can see this situation in your team, too. But still there are teams that use multi-skill players. What do you think about the player choices?
Honestly I think I have pretty amazing multi-skilled players (eheh). Of course primary skill is the most important one especially for IMs. I’m still with this choice. You can't be competitive with mythical PM IMs for example. Besides, you need something more than just an utopian PM if you want to win something, experience, some subs and specialties can be really important as well.

What do you think about the changes in Hattrick? For example, what is your thoughts about salary discount?

The salary discount and the low training over titanic were very bad changes for me. Both increased random a lot and I’m going to explain you why now.

1) While in the past divine was reachable, now going over utopian skill became worthless. Because of this, we can see more multi-skilled players now.

2) The wage discount was seen as magical not just only in Serie A or II but also in lower divisions. I could afford 1,5m euros wages per week while others couldn’t but now it became very easy for many. If HTs wanted a change in the upper divisions, they shouldn’t let users keep earning money season by season.

These points show that unpredictable results increased because the primary skill is still the one that moves the highest % of wins. If everybody can afford the same primary skills, all games will have more unpredictable results than in the past. If I spend way more than my opponent, it doesn’t make sense that he has a considerable % of win but unluckily, that’s how it is now. Secondary skills don’t influence the match result much and these skills lead HT to be a more non tactical game than in the past. Now we can see clubs that play the same way because extreme line-ups can't be used anymore as the primary skills are not as important as before.

Now it is time for user questions...

Can you name 3 films that you liked most?
Forrest Gump, Rain Man, The Gladiator.

You have one of the best teams in Hattrick. You are generally using DFs like other strong teams do. Zagortenay also uses nice DFs in his tactics. Can we say that it is an Italian style? Or do you think that Hattrick is moving towards tactics with 2 or 3 Dfs? Is there a decrease in normal forwards?
In my opinion forwards are pretty useless in HT. Whenever you can gain 2,5 level more midfield than plays without strikers, you will be hardly stoppable. Having TDF doesn’t mean a bad attack rating because in the end, reaching good ratings on flank is possible while defending is very hard. I prefer to increase my A team skills more than being unpredictable with a striker.

One of our users has a saying: “Winning don't teach much to person but losing does.” What do you think about this saying?
That’s true. A good HT User should be patient, accept losses and keep trying to improve his squad. Being a game based on probabilities, you can't be sure of a win even if you had 99% chance of winning it. Besides as I said in my press release, losses are part of this game and especially here in HT (just a game) there’s no reason to get angry.

What was your first reaction after seeing the ratings of the final game? How long have you been affected by this match?
Well, I knew I was much better than my opponent. I was really disappointed of course but after 1 hour, I felt pretty fine. It’s OK, I mean being disappointed for a game doesn’t make sense. If I had problems in real life than I would have all the right to be sad. HT is just a pretty nice relaxing game where you can find many friends.

If you are to be a HT, what changes you would like to do on the game engine?
If I were them, I would raise wages immediately. A way more than what we have now. At the moment we are playing a “coin flip” game. I’m the 1st one who accepts losses, no problem with that, but on the other hand, I do believe there’s too much random in HT as I said above. If my squad is worth a lot more than my opponents and it’s created very well, it doesn’t make sense to have just 70% wins in most of the games. Going over this % is almost impossible.

Why do you mostly use AOW tactic? Do you think this tactic may be the reason for the loss in the final?
I chose AOW because my central attack rating was really low. Back to the final, I would say no even if I got a goal from his central attack. I couldn’t play the game better and he didn’t attack me in the middle so it was 100% right to use AOW even if I lost.

Thanks for answering our questions.
Thanks to you all. I hope you like all answers.
Go go kursaaallll!!! :)

In one breath we have come to the end of the first interview. See you until the next interview and thanx for following us...


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