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Clear skies welcomed the 1792 spectators who had made their way to Kim. was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Krzysiek Panter and . A 3-5-2 alignment was the formation of choice for Kimball. Lineup: Osolodkin - Mirabal, Cardone, Mateos - Chong, Pedroso, Eleizamendi, Martínez, Llanos - Aguado, Betteloni.

KatieKatoCatenaccio had chosen a strategic 3-5-2 formation. Starters: Voogd - Monraats, van der Enk, Danzer - Amadori, Vorstenbosch, Shevach, van Herk, Indurain - Vulker, Jongkind.

After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, Luis Indurain got himself booked. The manager of KatieKatoCatenaccio was not happy. After 32 minutes, Angelo Martínez made a complete fool of himself when he presented the ball to the feet of Nicola Amadori who smashed it into the open goal for KatieKatoCatenaccio. 0 - 1. With 40 minutes played, seemingly due to lack of experience, Angelo Martínez needlessly tripped an opponent just outside the penalty area, but the free kick that followed didn't succeed. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 - 1. KatieKatoCatenaccio had most of the ball, with 60 percent of possession.

Kimball tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers, but the visitors' defence got the best of this rather direct style of play. Lavi Shevach increased the visitors' lead by putting a volley away after a pass from the right. 0 - 2. Confident in their lead, KatieKatoCatenaccio's players relaxed and focused more on defending the lead than increasing it. With 77 minutes played, Kimball's well-worked indirect free kick caused havoc in the penalty area, and when the ball eventually fell to Carlo Betteloni he gleefully slotted the ball home to make it 1 - 2. KatieKatoCatenaccio claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 62 percent.

Kimball's top performer was clearly Carlo Betteloni. Diego Mirabal was a disappointment, however. KatieKatoCatenaccio's best player was Steijn van der Enk. On the other hand, Robbert-Jan Monraats's play was disheartening. The match ends 1 - 2.

Rating details

Midfield weak (very low) inadequate (low) 13 18 4/20 5/20
Right defence inadequate (very low) weak (high) 17 15 5/20 4/20
Central defence excellent (very low) solid (very low) 29 25 8/20 7/20
Left defence inadequate (very high) weak (very high) 20 16 5/20 4/20
Right attack poor (very high) inadequate (low) 12 18 3/20 5/20
Central attack poor (very high) weak (very high) 12 16 3/20 4/20
Left attack poor (very high) passable (high) 12 23 3/20 6/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (very high) inadequate (high) 16 19 4/20 5/20
Attack weak (high) passable (very low) 15 21 4/20 6/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)


0 - 1  Nicola Amadori 32'
0 - 2  Lavi Shevach 76'
1 - 2  Carlo Betteloni 77'
Luis Indurain 19'



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 7

1 Left attack 1
1 Central attack 2
0 Right attack 2
1 Other 0
0 Special events 2
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence weak (very high) inadequate (high) 16 19 4/20 5/20
Attack weak (high) passable (very low) 15 21 4/20 6/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)

Average ratings

Total player experience wretched (high) passable (very low) 7 21 2/20 6/20
Average midfield weak (very low) inadequate (low) 13 18 4/20 5/20
Average defence passable (low) inadequate (high) 22 19 6/20 5/20
Average attack poor (very high) inadequate (high) 12 19 3/20 5/20
Total average weak (very high) inadequate (high) 16 19 4/20 5/20


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