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F.C. Carmel Guardians USA (8073)


# 6 in IV.63

# 3951 in Ladder Global

# 79 in Ladder USA

# 86 in Ladder Start season 40

# 4 in Ladder New York

Club details

Managed by saintroy16 Supporter Platinum

2 317 members in The Old Boys

Stadium: The Fortress (capacity 94 000)

Ranked 546

Press announcement

4-15-2018 Maybe The Bleeding Stops in IV?

The Manager/Owner addressed the team's latest regulation to IV, and the possible hope found for this season.

"It is our first full season training the new youths, and they should do a decent job holding the line at this level. Our midfield minute 1 should be competitive at this level.

"Will we survive? Probably not, but maybe we find a way to survive in our new division."

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1-1-2019 Last message by  kingolos Supporter Platinum

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